The Official Sven Carter Book Trailer

It’s here. The very first Sven Carter & The Trashmouth Effect book trailer. Woo hoo! So while you’re waiting impatiently to get your sticky little hands all over Sven Carter on October 3, you can watch this trailer over and over and over again. Watch obsessively, like a dog turning circles before it poops. Watch it first thing when you wake up in the morning and last thing before you go to bed at night. Put it on a constant loop for the next 77 days. Let it burn itself into your gray matter like a white hot knitting needle dropped from the top of the Empire State Building into a big wrinkly ball of Play-Doh.

Then, October 3, that glorious day will be here. Sven Carter day. And that’s the day you’ll be able to stop watching the trailer. Of course, by then the damage will already be done….

Oh, well.


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