The Insanely Awesome SVEN CARTER Preorder Giveaway!

Ready for something so exciting your head will pop? No? Okay, how about something somewhat less exciting than that but still pretty darn exciting? Great! I’ve got just the thing for you! It’s the Insanely Awesome SVEN CARTER Preorder Giveaway! Here’s how it works. Between now and 10pm ET October 2, preorder SVEN CARTER & THE TRASHMOUTH EFFECT in any format (hardcover, paperback or ebook) and I’ll send you a full set of super-fun Sven Carter: The Game trading cards. All you have to do is send me proof of your preorder via Twitter or and you’ll get a FULL set of cards that you can’t get anywhere else! Plus I’ll probably send you some random signed object. So don’t just sit there hoping these mind-blowingly epic cards will just fly out of your butt! Preorder today right here: Get Sven Carter & The Trashmouth Effect at Amazon

And remember, you’ll find SVEN CARTER & THE TRASHMOUTH EFFECT for sale in all the coolest bookstores starting October 3!

Here’s the fine print: Offer expires 10pm ET 10/2/17. Supplies are limited. Signed objects may include bookmarks, original sketches, old t-shirts, cocktail napkins or anything else signable that I can get my hands on.

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